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What are butt weld pipe fittings?

What are butt weld pipe fittings?

Definition: What is a butt welding pipe fitting?

A butt welding pipe fitting is a accessory for piping connection. It is designed for changing pipe direction and pipe diameter,branching or ending a pipe system.Then the pipe fitting jonit in the pipe system for transporting fluids over distance in an efficient way .

The Butt Weld fittings are commonly used in fabrication process due to the low cost and ease for fabricating all kinds of fittings.

Butt welding is a connecting method of welding . There are no parallel and overlap in this welding technique.This process is the basis of the piping system.It is used to weld two pipes together and welded around the seams without any overlapping. Butt welding is an low cost and reliable joint way without using additional components.

Fittings are divided into three groups:

• Buttweld (BW) fittings

• Socket Weld (SW) fittings

• Threaded (THD)fittings

What type of butt welding pipe fittings Haihao Group can manufacture ?

Elbow: Long radius elbow, Short radius elbow, 3D elbow, 5D elbow, 7D elbow, 10D elbow, 45 degree elbow, 90 degree elbow, 180 degree elbow;

Tee: Equal tee, Reducing tee, Straight Tee, Lateral Tee,Barred Tee.

Reducer: Concentric reducer,Eccentric reducer.

Cross:Equal cross, Reducing Cross.


Stub end.


1.Elbow 90° long radius        2.Elbow 45°               3.Elbow 90° short radius       4.Elbow 180° long radius

5. Elbow 180° short radius    6. Tee straight            7. Tee reducing                   8. Reducer concentric

9. Reducer eccentric            10. End cap                11. Lap joint Stub End


Advantage : Why we choose the butt welding pipe fitting:

In a piping system application ,the butt weld pipe fittings has many advantages over other forms:

1. It have a low cost and ease for operation.Weld joint has a greater freedom in designing layout,and it has a minimum of space.

2. Commonly it is permanently leakproof for a welding fitting connection .

3. The butt welding joint is a continuous metal structure between pipe and fitting, it has a high strength performance in the piping system.

4. The butt welding pipe fitting connection has a smooth inner surface and gradual changing of direction. Then it will reduce the pressure losses and turbulence for the fluid transporting.

5. Smooth inner surface and gradual directional changes reduce pressure losses and turbulence and minimize the action of corrosion and erosion

What is the standard and technical parameter for the butt welding pipe fittings?

There are many different types of butt welding fittings and they are the same in all sizes and schedules as the steel pipes.

popular standard of butt weld pipe fittings-Haihao Group

The most popular standard are ANSI/ASME B16.9 ,  ANSI/ASME B16.28,  ISO 3419, MSS SP-43, MSS SP-75 , DIN2605, DIN2609, DIN2615, DIN2616, DIN2617, EN10253, GOST17375, GOST17376, GOST17378,  GOST17379, GOST17380,  GOST30753, JIS B2311, JIS B2312, JIS B2313, KS B1522,  KS B1541, KS B1543, GB12459,  GB/T13401,  SH3408, SH3410, HGJ528, SY/T0510.

Our Haihao group can manufacture butt welding pipe fittings as per all these standards .

What are the materials of butt welding pipe fittings?

The most common materials used in fittings produced is carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, glass, rubber, the various types of plastics etc.

material of butt weld pipe fittings-Haihao Group

material of butt weld pipe fittings-Haihao Group

Haihao butt welding pipe fittings materials can be as per different standard,including the ASTM A234, ASTM A420, ASTM A860, ASTM A403, EN10216,JIS G3452, DIN 1629,GOST,GB/T 8163.

Why do pipe fittings manufacturers provide so many different kinds of materials ?

Butt welding pipe fittings are used in many applications in different industries:chemical, construction, water supply, drainage, oil, light and heavy industrial, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, electric power, aerospace, shipbuilding and other infrastructure projects. Those have many different operating conditions.

application of butt weld pipe fittings-Haihao Group

To get a best performance (resistance to different kinds of corrosive fluids,temperature,pressure,) at acceptable costs, the designer of the piping systerm choose different materials.

How to choose a specific pipe fitting ?

When choosing a butt weld pipe fittings in a piping system, the decision should be done by the designer of this system, not by the pipe fittings manufacturer or reseller. The designer will choose the fittings according to the performance requirements and the costs,including the operating conditions, environments, pressure, temperature,corrosion etc.The material of a pipe fitting is basically decided during the choice of the pipe, in most cases, a fitting is of the same material as the pipe. Of course , the designer also need to consider the cost .

Haihao group have a nearly 30 years butt welding pipe fittings manufacture experience. we can supply suitable products as per your request. Besides these standard products, we also can supply customized butt welding pipe fittings accordingly.