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Latest news Bp and total energy sign german offshore wind power project

Latest news Bp and total energy sign german offshore wind power project

Haihao Group is pleased to announce that we are closely monitoring the latest tender information in the wind power sector. With our extensive experience in wind power projects, our wind power flanges have gained widespread recognition worldwide.

In recent news, major oil and gas companies BP and TotalEnergies have signed a $14 billion offshore wind farm tender agreement with Germany. BP will construct two 2 GW wind farms in the N11.1 and N12.2 areas, located respectively 130 kilometers and 150 kilometers off the North Sea coast, at a water depth of 40 meters. This project marks BP’s first offshore wind farm in Germany and will boost the company’s offshore wind capacity to 9.2 GW upon completion.

wind power flanges

wind power flanges

As part of the agreement, an initial payment of $761 million, accounting for 10% of the total transaction amount, will be made in July 2024, with the remaining payments spread over a period of 20 years. These projects are expected to be operational within the next decade.

Furthermore, TotalEnergies has also signed two agreements for the construction of 2 GW and 1 GW offshore wind farms in the N12.1 and O2.2 marine lease areas, respectively. The company will initially pay the government $653 million and make annual payments for the remaining amount over the next 20 years.

Germany’s ambitious targets include installing 30 GW of offshore wind projects by 2030, at least 40 GW by 2035, and a minimum of 70 GW by 2045. These projects reflect the country’s commitment to sustainable energy and transitioning towards greener power sources.

wind power flange

wind power flange

Haihao Group is dedicated to providing top-quality wind power flanges that meet the stringent demands of offshore wind projects. Our products have been widely used in wind power installations globally, and we take pride in contributing to the renewable energy sector’s growth.

As a company with rich expertise in wind power projects and a proven track record, Haihao Group is well-positioned to offer comprehensive solutions and products to support these ambitious endeavors. We remain committed to delivering superior performance, durability, and reliability in our wind power flanges, contributing to a greener and sustainable future.

For more information about our wind power flanges and other products, please contact us or visit our official website. We look forward to working together on exciting and impactful wind power projects.