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Ocean petroleum 123″ FPSO: Pinnacle of Chinese offshore innovation

Ocean petroleum 123″ FPSO: Pinnacle of Chinese offshore innovation

Operational Commencement: On September 25th, “Ocean Petroleum 123,” a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel, initiated operations, solidifying its role as a major force in offshore oil field development.With a length of 241.5 meters and a width of 45.2 meters, “Ocean Petroleum 123” is a technological marvel, symbolizing China’s most advanced offshore oil and gas facility.

Serving the Lufeng 12-3 oil field, the FPSO is a cornerstone in China’s South China Sea developments, anticipated to reach a peak daily crude oil production of 29,500 barrels by 2024, ensuring a stable energy supply for the Greater Bay Area.Constructed by a team with an average age of 33, this FPSO represents the vibrant force propelling China’s marine oil industry toward becoming a maritime powerhouse.



Intelligent Features: Boasting an 80% localization rate, the FPSO integrates intelligent technologies, including wireless communication, smart assembly loading, and intelligent lighting.

Data-Driven Operations: The “Marine Elf” edge data center enables comprehensive data perception, real-time collection, and intelligent decision support for offshore production, facilitating remote diagnostics and improving operational efficiency by over 20%.

Single-Point Mooring System Localization: Overcoming challenges, the team achieved a breakthrough in localizing components of the single-point mooring system, reducing costs and supporting the rise of China’s national industry.

Certification: “Ocean Petroleum 123” is the first FPSO to receive the China Classification Society’s intelligent symbol certification, highlighting its contribution to China’s marine oil and gas production.

“Ocean Petroleum 123” stands as a testament to China’s prowess in offshore innovation, combining technological excellence with youthful ingenuity. Its role in ensuring energy stability and advancing the nation’s maritime capabilities signifies a new era in China’s offshore endeavors.

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