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The introduction about forged steel pipe fittings

The introduction about forged steel pipe fittings

Forged Steel Pipe Fittings-Haihao Group

What is a forged steel pipe fittings ?

Forged steel pipe fittings are hot formed sections with different types for high pressure pipe fittings, they are made from the process of forging.

These fittings normally attached to pipes to the end of pipes, fittings,or other objects to connect the piping systems with different methods of joining that is by screwed or socket weld. They are available in three pressure ratings: 3000lbs, 6000lbs and 9000lbs.

The forged steel pipe fittings are mainly divided to two types in the connecting way . Socket welding pipe fittings and threaded pipe fittings.


How to use forged pipe fittings?

There are many different applications in which forged steel pipe fittings would be ideal. These include oil, gasoline, hydraulic machinery, fertilizing, chemical or other industries. Because of the leak free connections created from fittings made from forged steel, forged pipe fittings are ideal in the transfer of these potentially harmful materials. When it comes to oils or chemicals having any type of leak within your connection can be very dangerous. Forged steel fittings will ensure that neither fumes, nor the chemical or oil itself leaks from your piping connection.

Forged Steel Pipe Fittings Application-Haihao Group

Along with leak free connections, it is as if forged steel fittings were developed specifically for applications where harsh chemicals that are in need of transferring. This is because forged carbon steel fittings have a special coating which protects the alkali or acidic materials from corroding the fitting. Corrosion during the transfer of chemicals can be dangerous, not only due to the fact that the corroded pipe will eventually leak, or worse break, but also because when corrosion occurs, the chemicals within the piping material (often zinc), are released. Depending on the chemical being transferred through the piping connection, this can be very harmful and may even cause unwanted chemical reactions such as explosions. Forged steel fittings are the best options when transferring oil, gas or chemicals.

 Haihao steel pipe fitting&flange certificates

Hebei haihao produces high quality forged steel pipe fittings and unions in different standards, available in all classes and material grades for different applications. Our factory has complete lines of forging and advanced equipments. Our continued investments in technology help maintain a consistency in product unparalleled in the industry. State-of-the-art machining centers have reduced product variability while increasing product serviceability. Backed by the most comprehensive product line in the industry and an extensive inventory that makes all our products readily available, haihao has enough experience for the power, oil, chemical, marine and construction industries all over the world.