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What is included in the coating quality inspection?

What is included in the coating quality inspection?

Haihao Group takes great pride in delivering pipe fittings of superior quality to our valued customers. As part of our commitment to excellence, we implement rigorous coating quality inspection procedures. Coatings play a crucial role in protecting and enhancing the performance of pipe fittings, ensuring longevity and durability in various applications.

Visual Inspection:

Visual inspection forms the initial stage of the coating quality inspection process. Our skilled inspectors meticulously examine the coated surface for any visible defects, such as blisters, pinholes, uneven thickness, cracks, or other imperfections. This assessment ensures that the coating adheres uniformly and meets the required aesthetic standards.


prefabricated products

prefabricated products

Thickness Measurement:

Accurate coating thickness is vital for ensuring adequate protection and corrosion resistance. We employ advanced thickness measurement techniques, such as magnetic or electromagnetic gauges, to precisely determine the thickness of the coating. This measurement is compared against the specified requirements to ensure compliance with the desired standards.

Adhesion Testing:

Proper adhesion between the coating and the underlying surface is essential to prevent delamination or detachment. We conduct adhesion tests using methods like cross-cut or pull-off tests to evaluate the bonding strength. These tests assess the adhesion of the coating and its ability to withstand external forces.

Salt Spray Testing:

Salt spray testing simulates harsh environmental conditions and evaluates the coating’s corrosion resistance. In this test, coated samples are exposed to a controlled saline mist environment for a specified duration. Our dedicated testing facilities analyze the samples to determine the coating’s ability to protect against corrosion and maintain its integrity.

Impact Resistance Testing:

To assess the coating’s resilience and resistance to impact or mechanical stress, we perform impact resistance testing. This evaluation involves subjecting the coated samples to controlled impact or deformation, followed by a thorough examination for any signs of damage, cracking, or detachment. This testing ensures that the coating can withstand potential impacts during transportation, installation, or operation.

Forged flanges manufacturer

Forged flanges manufacturer

Chemical Resistance Testing:

Certain applications may expose pipe fittings to corrosive chemicals or fluids. To assess the coating’s resistance to such substances, we conduct chemical resistance testing. Coated samples are exposed to various chemicals and evaluated for any adverse reactions, degradation, or loss of protective properties.

At Haihao Group, our commitment to delivering top-quality pipe fittings extends to the meticulous inspection of coating quality. Through visual inspection, thickness measurement, adhesion testing, salt spray testing, impact resistance testing, and chemical resistance testing, we ensure that our coatings meet the highest industry standards. By adhering to stringent quality control protocols, we provide our customers with pipe fittings that offer exceptional protection, longevity, and performance.

Choose Haihao Group as your trusted partner for pipe fittings with superior coating quality. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring that your piping systems are safeguarded against corrosion and other environmental factors. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of coated pipe fittings and experience the Haihao Group difference.