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China’s first deep coalbed gas field discovery: A game-changer in energy security

China’s first deep coalbed gas field discovery: A game-changer in energy security

In a monumental breakthrough, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced the discovery of the nation’s first deep coalbed gas field, the Shenfu Deep Coalbed Gas Field, in the eastern edge of the Ordos Basin. This colossal reservoir, found at a depth of approximately 2000 meters, boasts geological reserves exceeding 110 billion cubic meters, marking a historic milestone in securing China’s energy future and bolstering the development of the western regions in the new era.



Nestled within the city of Yulin in Shaanxi province, the Shenfu Deep Coalbed Gas Field stands as a testament to the vast potential of deep coalbed gas exploration along the eastern fringes of the Ordos Basin. The coalbeds in this region typically range from 6 to 23 meters in thickness, and each ton of coal contains an average of 15 cubic meters of natural gas. Currently, over 100 wells have been deployed in this area, with the highest daily gas production per well reaching a remarkable 26,000 cubic meters.

The Complexities of Deep Coalbed Gas: A New Era in Exploration and Extraction

Deep coalbed gas refers to natural gas stored within coalbeds, existing in an adsorbed state within these unconventional natural gas reservoirs, commonly known as “coal seam gas.” It is customary to classify coalbed gas at depths greater than 1500 meters as deep coalbed gas. Compared to coalbed gas in shallower strata, deep coalbed gas presents more intricate geological conditions and formation mechanisms. As depth increases, so does the temperature, pressure, and geological stress, significantly elevating the challenges and costs associated with exploration and production.

To tackle these complexities, an innovative approach was adopted in the development of the Shenfu Deep Coalbed Gas Field. This project introduced the concept of shale gas storage and fracturing. It effectively utilized an ultra-large-scale fracture network technology, thereby creating an efficient system for deep coalbed exploration and development. These efforts laid a solid foundation for future exploration and production in this challenging sector, thereby contributing significantly to national energy security.

Haihao Group deeply rooted in China’s energy landscape, is well-poised to seize the opportunities that lie ahead. As a strategic reserve supplier for both China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Haihao Group is an expert in pipeline systems. The new era of deep coalbed gas exploration and production presents opportunities for us to further contribute to China’s energy security, supporting the nation’s continuous.