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Haihao Group helps the future of wind energy

Haihao Group helps the future of wind energy

In the early hours of October 14th, a significant milestone was achieved as the first foundation of the Ang 550,000 kW wind power project in Jilin Oilfield was successfully poured with concrete. This achievement marks a crucial step forward in the construction of one of the largest ongoing wind power projects, a joint endeavor by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Jilin Province. It lays a solid foundation for the subsequent installation and grid connection of the project’s initial wind turbines.

wind power flange

wind power flange

Situated within the borders of Qian Gorlos County in Jilin Province, the Ang 550,000 kW wind power project covers a vast area of approximately 173.3 square kilometers and involves an investment of 2.55 billion RMB. It stands as a symbol of Jilin Oilfield’s commitment to national green energy development policies and the implementation of the “Three-Part World” strategic goal. This initiative is pivotal in achieving a transformation towards green, low-carbon development.

In October 2022, the Jilin Oilfield Ang 550,000 kW wind power project received approval following a feasibility study. At the beginning of 2023, Jilin Oilfield officially initiated project construction preparations, adhering to the principles of “safety, quality, efficiency, cleanliness, and exemplariness.” They formed the New Energy Construction Project Management Department under the aegis of the New Energy Division and New Energy Limited Company, rallying internal human resources comprehensively.

wind power flanges

wind power flanges

The project management department has consistently pursued a path of innovative thinking to resolve issues during the construction process, emphasizing responsibility, and prioritizing tasks. By dynamically adjusting schedules, they have effectively advanced project construction. They have coordinated with all parties to ensure the seamless progress of various aspects of the project and accelerate its construction while maintaining a high level of quality.

On the morning of October 13th, 2023, the construction of the foundation for the first wind turbine of the Jilin Oilfield Ang 550,000 kW wind power project officially commenced. The project management department meticulously developed a foundation pouring plan and an emergency response plan. They rigorously controlled personnel and machinery approval, as well as concealed project acceptance.

With a workforce of 55 construction workers, they meticulously implemented on-site safety, quality, and schedule control measures. Their dedication and commitment to the project could be seen in their tireless efforts and working attitude, adopting a “5+2” schedule, and working around the clock to overcome numerous challenges. Remarkably, they completed the first wind turbine foundation pouring in just 26 hours.

To ensure both the progress and quality of this challenging project meet standards, the project management members stationed themselves on the frontlines, providing close supervision and guidance.

The Jilin Oilfield Ang 550,000 kW wind power project plans to install 88 wind turbines, each with a single-unit capacity of 6.25 MW. The goal is to have the power station, roads, and 56 wind turbines fully operational by December 31, 2023, with the entire project set to be operational by July 2024. Upon completion, it is estimated that the project will generate 1.63 billion kWh of green electricity annually. This translates to annual savings of approximately 497,000 metric tons of standard coal and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of roughly 1.288 million metric tons, sulfur dioxide emissions of about 9,400 metric tons, and nitrogen oxide emissions of around 14,100 metric tons.

Haihao Group is proud to have played a part in this remarkable wind power project, having supplied large-caliber wind power flanges that ensure the stability and efficiency of the wind turbines. As a reliable partner in the journey towards sustainable energy, Haihao Group continues to contribute to innovative and impactful projects that drive the future of green energy.