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The introduction of polyurethane coating

The introduction of polyurethane coating

In recent days, we received an inquiry from a customer in Singapore, part of which are polyurethane coated steel pipes. The specific content is size: 6 “~10”, wall thicknes: SCH80, material: API 5L Gr. B, coating: polyurethane coating.

Polyurethane coating is a common anticorrosive coating, mainly composed of isocyanate – NCO and hydroxyl. Polyurethane coating can be used for flange, pipe fitting, steel pipe and other pipe products, which can effectively improve the anti-corrosion performance of pipe products. Polyurethane coating has both advantages and disadvantages. Here we will introduce its advantages and disadvantages.

Polyurethane insulation pipes

Polyurethane insulation pipes

The advantages of polyurethane coating:

(1) Good physical and mechanical properties. Polyurethane coatings are hard, shiny and wear resistant.

(2) Excellent corrosion resistance. Polyurethane coating can resist oil, acid, chemical and other corrosion conditions.

(3) Compared with epoxy coating, polyurethane coating has better aging resistance.

(4) Polyurethane resin can be miscible with a variety of resins, according to a variety of use environment adjustment formula.

(5) It can be cured at room temperature or by heating.

(6) Can effectively prolong the service life of pipeline products.

The disadvantages of polyurethane coating:

(1) Polyurethane coating has poor stability in storage, and water must be isolated to avoid gelling.

(2) The alkali resistance of polyurethane coating is slightly lower than that of epoxy coating.

(3) The price of polyurethane coating is relatively high.

As a professional manufacturer of flanges, pipe fittings, pipes and other pipe products, Hebei Haihao Group can produce various types of polyurethane coated steel pipes. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.