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The introduce of JIS B2220 products

The introduce of JIS B2220 products

JIS B2220 Products Manufacturer/Supplier/Stockist/Exporter In China-Hebei Haihao Group

JIS B2220 is Japanese Industrial Standard,and it’s one of the internation standards for pipe fittings and flanges products.The JIS B2220 products in Haihao Group contain pipe fittings and flanges.The normal JIS B2220 products size from 10A to 1500A,and the pressure can be 5K,10K,16K,20K,30K,40K,63K.The 5K/10K are light type,16K/20K/30K/40K/63K which are used to join parts for piping,such as steel pipes and valves.

JIS B2220 Flanges Products In Haihao Group

The JIS B2220 pipe fittings products in Haihao Group like the list:

JIS B2220 elbow: JIS B2220 45 degree elbow,JIS B2220 90 degree elbow,JIS B2220 180 degree elbow;

JIS B2220 tee: JIS B2220 straight tee,JIS B2220 reducing tee;

JIS B2220 reducer: JIS B2220 concentric reducer,JIS B2220 eccentric reducer;

JIS B2220 cap etc.

JIS B2220 Pipe Fittings Products in Haihao Group

The JIS B2220 flanges products in Haihao Group contain: JIS B2220 slip on plate flange,JIS B2220 slip on hubbed flange,JIS B2220 blind flange,JIS B2220 weld neck flange,JIS B2220 socket weld flange,JIS B2220 lap joint flange,JIS B2220 threaded flange,JIS B2220 integral flange.

The JIS B2220 products in our company are strictly carry out rigorous quality control and quality inspection to ensure continual quality flanges and pipe fittings.For the high quality,our JIS B2220 products are sell well all over the world.