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What is LTCS material in steel piping system?

What is LTCS material in steel piping system?

In a pipeline system BOM list,sometimes we can find the LTCS material steel pipes,pipe fittings,or steel flanges.”LTCS” mean the low temperature carbon steel materials,the pipe fittings should be used for low temperature conditions.

LTCS Pipe Material In Impact Test

The regular LTCS material is as follows standards and grades:

Butt welding pipe fittings ASTM A420 WPL6 pipe fittings,such as butt welding elbows,tees,reducers,caps etc.(What is ASTM A420 WPL6 steel pipe fittings?)

Forged steel flanges: ASTM A350 flanges.

Forged steel pipe fittings: ASTM A350  forged pipe fittings,elbows,tees,crosses,couplings,bushings,unions,boss in threaded ends or socket welding ends.And the olets products in MSS-S9 97 Weldolets,Threadolets,Sockolets.

Steel pipes: ASTM A333 seamless steel pipes.

ASTM A203 Steel Plate Grades A,B,D,E and F.

Post Weld Heat Treatment ASTM A420 WPL6 Pipe Fittings

LTCS material (Low-temperature carbon steels) have been developed chiefly for use in low-temperature equipment and especially for welded pressure vessels.

Killed carbon steel,LTCS,stainless steel,carbon steel(normal) are in the iron,carbon and different alloying elements in varying quantity which makes them fall under different categories.