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Haihao Flange Factory finished the custom flanges order

Haihao Flange Factory finished the custom flanges order

Haihao Group manufacture steel pipes,flanges,butt weld pipe fittings,forged pipe fittings more than 30 years,we have strong experience in flange production and inspection and a complete set of equipments,including advantaced cutting,forging,machining,drilling machines and professional testing&inspection instruments.

ASTM A182 F304 Oval Flange Finished In Haihao Flange Factory

For the high quality reputation in the market.Haihao Group received this special flanges order.The special flanges in the order will be used in a flowing control system for oil gas pipeline project in Mid-East.And the piping system in the seriously corrosive environment,so we choose the stainless steel material ASTM A182 F304 for the special flanges,not the carbon steel material.


ASTM A182 F304 Weldind Neck Orifice Flange Finished In Haihao Flange Factory

Haihao Group techinical team studied and designed the flanges and confirmed the products drawing with the engineers from end user.The order products are customized ASTM A182 F304 oval flanges and ASTM A182 F304 orifice flanges.We designed the oval flanges according to working situation and pressure.


ASTM A182 F304 Welding Neck Raised Face Orifice Flange Finished In Haihao Flange Factory

We designed the orifice flanges based on the standard ANSI B16.36,it’s welding neck orifice flanges.The orifice flanges working pressure should be class 300,the sealing face should be raised face,and they also have their own technical requirement.

After quality inspection,the flanges are accepted by the inspector and ready for shipment now.