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The importance of EN10204 3.2 certification provided by Haihao Group

The importance of EN10204 3.2 certification provided by Haihao Group

When it comes to verifying material quality and compliance, the EN10204 3.2 certificate is an affirmation of compliance with European standards. Typically issued by an EU-authorized third-party agency, this certificate plays a key role in confirming product integrity. At Haihao Group, we often provide this certification to our customers, which is also a testament to our own strength.

The EN10204 3.2 certificate serves as a declaration of compliance by a third-party entity to the buyer, confirming that the inspection results are consistent with the specifications in the order. It is particularly important for large equipment and pressure equipment for export, as it verifies the conformity of raw materials with European standards. Although this certification applies to various metal materials, the finished product itself does not undergo the 3.2 certification process.

Haihao Group

Haihao Group

To be issued an EN10204-3.1 certificate, the manufacturer must hold an ISO 9001 certificate authorized by the European Union and ensure that the materials comply with European material standards. This certificate is then issued to the buyer with their specific name clearly reflected in the document.

However, if the manufacturer lacks ISO 9001 certification, or the materials do not meet European standards, they must apply for an EN10204-3.2 certificate from a third-party certification agency. This process ensures impartial verification of compliance.

The inspection process for EN 10204 3.2 certification covers a variety of key aspects, including:

Visual inspection, random sampling of at least 5%.

Dimensional inspection, random sampling of at least 5% (when product standards and drawings specify size requirements).

Witness sampling and document product identification.

Witness physical performance testing (100% by lot).

Witness chemical composition testing (100% by batch) including handheld spectroscopic analysis of every specification (excluding carbon content).

Witness non-destructive testing and random sampling of at least 5% (where applicable).

Witness hydrostatic testing and random sampling of at least 5% (where applicable).

Document review, typically including reports on physical and chemical properties, heat treatment, non-destructive testing, dimensional inspection, Material Test Certificate (MTC), etc.

At Haihao Group, we are proud to offer EN10204 3.2 certified products, ensuring strict quality inspection and compliance with strict quality standards. With our commitment to quality excellence and technical prowess, we strive to provide our customers with the highest confidence in the reliability and quality of our products.