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Haihao Group finished the customized flange collar order

Haihao Group finished the customized flange collar order

Flange Collar is a kind of fittings and working together with lap joint flange(Loose Flange),which according to EN standard and DIN standard.In other standard,people also call it stub end.That’s the same meaning.

Flange Collars For Lap Joint Flange

Even in the standards,there are different types collars.Some flange collars are just like steel rings which are called weld on collars,and some collars have a weld neck which are used to butt welding(what’s butt welding mean) with the connected pipes.Those collars could be produced from forged materials or pressed from steel plates.

Flange Collars Design In EN1092-1 Standard

There are specified dimensions and technical data for the collars in standards,but the user also can design the collars as per working conditions.The most important point for collar is matched the lap joint flange.Hebei Haihao Flange Factory can supply the customized flange collars(stub ends) according to your requirements.

Hebei Haihao Flange Factory finished the customized flange collars order as per clients requirement before new Chinese New Year holidays.

Customized Flange Collars In Haihao Warehouse

Our customer from Europe placed this new collars order for the lap joint flanges they purchased from us.The collars are designed by their engineers who is also designing the piping system.

Flange Collars Drawing

The collars are not like the common collars which are butt welded or slip on welded to the steel pipes.The collars will be socket welded with the steel pipe bends then joint by a lap joint flange(Haihao Factory is producing 180 degree pipe bends for Petro pipeline).According to the design,the connection would be better than the regular ring collars.

EN1092-1 Flange Collars Produced By Hebei Haihao Group

If you have regular or non-standard flanges requests you can contact us feel free,we will help you to solve any problems you meet in flange connection.