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The world’s largest wind turbine installation vessel

The world’s largest wind turbine installation vessel

At Haihao Group, we are committed to providing top-quality piping solutions for various industries, including the maritime sector. We are proud to extend our congratulations to COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co., Ltd. for the successful launch of “Voltaire,” the world’s largest wind turbine installation vessel.

A Remarkable Feat in Wind Energy

“Voltaire” (N966) marks a significant milestone in the wind energy industry. Constructed by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co., Ltd., this vessel is the world’s first fourth-generation self-elevating wind turbine installation vessel. It recently completed the installation of the first wind turbine unit at the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, one of the largest offshore wind farms globally, located in the North Sea.

The world's largest wind turbine installation vessel

The world’s largest wind turbine installation vessel

Meeting the Growing Demands of Wind Energy

As the wind energy sector continues to expand in scale and power, the demand for advanced vessels like “Voltaire” becomes increasingly critical. With a lifting capacity exceeding 3000 tons and ultra-low emissions design, this vessel is poised to take on the challenge of installing some of the world’s most powerful turbines.

Contributing to Renewable Energy

Furthermore, “Voltaire” has secured an agreement with RWE, a leading German energy supplier, for long-term charter services for offshore wind energy infrastructure and turbine construction. Starting in 2027, it will play a vital role in installing turbines at the Hollandse Kust West VII Wind Farm off the Dutch coast.

Key Features of “Voltaire”

Length: 181 meters

Width: 60 meters

Draft: 14.6 meters

Leg Height: 131.94 meters

Accommodation for 110 personnel

This remarkable vessel boasts several standout features, including exceptional lifting capacity, a maximum operating water depth of over 80 meters, an effective deck load capacity exceeding 16,000 tons, and four lattice-type legs, each exceeding 130 meters in length with a rack plate thickness of 250 millimeters.

“Voltaire” also sets new standards in emissions control, with specialized exhaust treatment systems achieving ultra-low emissions, meeting both IMO T3 and Euro V emission standards.

With four fully rotating thrusters at the stern, two retractable thrusters, two side thrusters, and a DP2 dynamic positioning system, “Voltaire” offers outstanding maneuverability and operational efficiency.

Haihao Group: Your Trusted Partner in Piping Solutions

Haihao Group visited Qidong COSCO Shipping and Offshore Engineering not long ago and reached a consensus on cooperation. In recent years, Haihao Group has actively participated in the construction of marine piping systems. Our pipe fittings have been widely used in FPSO, LNG and various ships. At the same time, our wind power flanges have also been applied nationwide. If you need classification society certified pipe fittings for your piping system project, please feel free to contact us for solutions.