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Super duplex stainless steel welding materials for FPSO

Super duplex stainless steel welding materials for FPSO

FPSO is a comprehensive offshore oil plant integrating the storage, separation, treatment and transportation of crude oil products. The crude oil extracted from the subsea oil well is received through the subsea oil pipeline, processed on the ship, stored in the cargo oil tank, and finally transported to the shuttle oil tanker through the unloading system.

Super duplex stainless steel

Super duplex stainless steel

The chloride ion content in seawater is very high, while the super duplex stainless steel has a high molybdenum content, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel, and is very suitable for long-term use in the seawater environment. Therefore, it is widely used in safety valves, pipelines, desulfurization towers and other components in FPSO modules. In Haihao’s cooperation experience with FPSO projects for many times, customers generally have the following requirements for the properties of the deposited metal of super duplex stainless steel welding materials:

Tensile strength is not less than 750MPa, elongation after fracture is not less than 20%, ferrite is 35% to 65%, and pitting corrosion (40 ℃, 24h, ASTM G48 A method) is not less than 4g/m ³, The hardness shall not be higher than 330HV10, and the Nai pitting index shall not be lower than 40PREN.

According to these requirements, Haihao Group has corresponding welding materials to match with them. Haihao Group is an enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of pipeline engineering supporting products. We have advanced production equipment and excellent technical team, which can meet customers’ specific requirements for product parameters. The flanges, steel pipes, elbows, tees and other products produced by Haihao are widely used in various pipeline projects. If you have related product needs, please feel free to contact us.