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Summary of performance and usage of common models of stainless steel

Summary of performance and usage of common models of stainless steel

In the production and manufacturing of pipe fittings, selecting appropriate raw materials plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of the fittings. As an integrated supplier of pipeline system supporting products, Haihao Group has a deep understanding of the performance of various materials. Today, Haihao will take you to understand the performance and usage of common stainless steel models.

ASME B16.9 ASTM A403 WP304L equal tee

ASME B16.9 ASTM A403 WP304L equal tee

304 type stainless steel:

Widely used materials. In the building, it can withstand general corrosion, corrosion of food processing media (but corrosion may occur at high temperature containing concentrated acid and chloride components), organic compounds, dyes and a wide range of Inorganic compound.

304L stainless steel:

(Low carbon) has good resistance to nitrate and acidity, and is durable at medium temperatures and concentrations of sulfuric acid. It is widely used as liquid gas storage tanks, low-temperature equipment (304N), appliances, and other consumer products, kitchen equipment, hospital equipment, transportation tools, and wastewater treatment devices.

ASME B16.5 6 inch weld neck flange RF ASTM A182 316 316L

ASME B16.5 6 inch weld neck flange RF ASTM A182 316 316L

316L stainless steel:

Compared to Type 304, it contains slightly more nickel and 2-3% molybdenum, and has better corrosion resistance, especially in chloride media that tends to initiate corrosion. The Type 316 has been developed for use as a Sulfite pulp machine because of its durability to sulfate compounds. Moreover, its use has expanded to handle many chemical products in the processing industry.

317 stainless steel:

Containing 3% -4% molybdenum (also at a higher level obtained in this series), and containing more chromium than Type 316, it has higher resistance to spot corrosion and crack corrosion.

430 type stainless steel:

It has a lower content than 304 type alloy and is used for high polishing decoration in mild atmospheres. It can also be used as nitric acid and food processing equipment.

410 type stainless steel:

Choose high load-bearing components with the lowest alloy content among the three general purposes of stainless steel, such as fasteners, that require a combination of strength and corrosion resistance. The 410 model is resistant to corrosion in mild atmospheres, water vapor, and many mild chemical product media.

2205 stainless steel:

It is superior to the 304 and 316 types because it has high resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking and has approximately twice the strength.

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