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Haihao Group solved Indonesian customers’ demand for customized steel plates and was recognized by customers

Haihao Group solved Indonesian customers’ demand for customized steel plates and was recognized by customers

Haihao Group, which has been involved in the field of pipeline systems for more than 40 years, once again demonstrated its excellent solution capabilities. We are always committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services. This time we successfully helped Indonesian customers solve urgent project problems.

customized steel plates

customized steel plates

After our company ordered a batch of flanges made of SA-350 LF2 CL.1, an Indonesian customer who has cooperated with us for many times unexpectedly encountered an urgent need for 400 x 400 x 200 mm forged steel plates required for the project. Haihao Group relies on its deep understanding of the industry and many years of experience to be keenly aware of the urgent needs of customers. We acted quickly, mobilized internal resources, and found high-quality steel plates that met customer requirements through our raw material supply network as soon as possible. Once we confirm the steel plates that meet the requirements, we immediately start the shipment preparation process to ensure that the products are delivered to customers in the shortest possible time.

SA-350 LF2 CL.1 is a low-temperature carbon steel that complies with Grade LF2 (low-temperature carbon steel) in the ASTM A350 standard. This standard specifies the chemical composition, mechanical properties and heat treatment requirements for carbon and low alloy steel materials suitable for cryogenic service. LF2 is a material with excellent toughness and corrosion resistance under low temperature conditions. It is usually used to manufacture low-temperature pressure vessels and pipeline components.

The customer expressed his sincere gratitude for our quick response and assistance, and spoke highly of Haihao Group’s professional capabilities and efficient services. Haihao Group will continue to be committed to providing customers with the best solutions, continue to contribute to the development of the industry, and work with customers to create a better future.