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Haihao Group closely follows the development of the steel industry

Haihao Group closely follows the development of the steel industry

The China iron and steel industry association released a report on the performance of China’s steel industry during the first three quarters of the year. The findings show that China’s steel production remained steady, with a consistent focus on energy efficiency and emission reduction. Haihao Group is committed to staying updated with these vital industry insights and remains vigilant regarding market fluctuations in raw materials.

Robust Steel Production in China

During the first three quarters of the year, China’s steel production demonstrated a robust growth trend. The production figures indicate that the industry has not only maintained its output but has also been diligent in the pursuit of energy efficiency and emission reduction.

Crude steel production reached 795 million tons.

Pig iron production stood at 675 million tons, showing a 2.8% increase.

Steel production reached an impressive 1.029 billion tons, marking a 6.1% year-on-year increase.

During this period, China exported a cumulative total of 66.818 million tons of steel products.



Environmental Progress in the Steel Industry

The steel industry’s pursuit of energy efficiency and emission reduction made significant progress during the first three quarters of the year. Environmental sustainability continued to improve, as noted by statistics from the China Iron and Steel Association:

Member steel companies recorded a 9.34% year-on-year reduction in wastewater discharge.

Chemical oxygen demand emissions decreased by 18.59%.

Ammonia nitrogen emissions saw a 21.63% reduction.

Sulfur dioxide emissions lowered by 14.92%.

Particulate matter emissions decreased by 14.88%.

Accelerated transformation in high-end green and intelligent steel production

Examining monthly data, the performance of key steel enterprises in China showcased month-on-month profit increases from June onward. This can be attributed in part to the continuous and comprehensive drive towards high-end, intelligent, and green transformations within the steel industry. With a particular focus on these transformations, the industry is gaining more momentum and achieving a high-quality development standard.

High-end steel demand has continued to rise.

Steel varieties have expanded, including those for shipbuilding, automobiles, home appliances, as well as new industries such as wind power and photovoltaics.

Exports of hot-rolled sheets and medium-thick plates have notably increased, demonstrating an increase in the export of high-value-added products.

The transformation towards green practices has also seen significant progress. By the end of September, 96 steel companies had completed the transformation to ultra-low emissions, involving a production capacity of approximately 453 million tons of crude steel. Another 58 companies with a production capacity of 440 million tons are actively implementing projects for peak energy efficiency.



In the realm of intelligence, the application of robotics in China’s steel industry has witnessed remarkable growth, with a density of 54 robot units per ten thousand employees. Ninety percent of steel companies have established production execution and energy control systems. These businesses are actively integrating next-generation information and communication technologies with the full spectrum of steel manufacturing processes, leading to increased production efficiency, enhanced quality stability, and reduced labor intensity for employees.

Haihao Group recognizes the significance of these developments and remains committed to staying informed about the ever-evolving steel industry. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible products and services to meet the emerging demands and environmental goals in the steel sector. As the industry transforms and continues to evolve, we are proud to be part of the progress and ready to adapt to meet its future needs.