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Professional factories win the trust of customers

Professional factories win the trust of customers

There is a customer who has quoted many prices before, but has never placed an order to our company.  The reason may be that the customer has a fixed supplier, and each quotation is to compare prices.  For me, although customers do not place orders for us, I always give customers quotations in order to maintain customers.

Our company is a factory specializing in the production of flanges and pipe fittings, we have inventory customers and engineering customers from all over the world.  In recent years, our products have been used in many large national projects in various countries.  Because of the excellent quality of the products, we have won praise and affirmation from many customers.

Carbon steel butt weld pipe fittings

Carbon steel butt weld pipe fittings

Recently, the customer sent another inquiry, as always seriously quoted the price to the customer.  After receiving the quotation this time, the customer asked me about the documents and sent the documents we provided to other customers for their reference. The customer was very satisfied.  In addition, the customer added many items and asked me to quote the price.  The client said he would get back to me next Tuesday.

Through communication, the customer had some problems with the previous supplier. There was a problem with the product size of the last order, so we want to change the supplier this time.  I think the reason why customers think of our company in the first time after problems with suppliers is that I give them serious quotations again and again, rather than perfunctory customers.  It also shows how we treat our customers and how professional and serious we are about our work.

I believe I can win the trust of the customer and get the order this time.  If you also need carbon steel and stainless steel keys and flanges, please feel free to contact me.