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Discover the strength of S355JR structural steel

Discover the strength of S355JR structural steel

S355JR, like S355J0 and S355J2, belongs to the European standard EN10025 for low-alloy high-strength structural steel. Each variant represents a different impact temperature, S355JR represents room temperature impact, S355J0 represents 0 degree impact, and S355J2 represents -20 degree impact.

The chemical composition of S355JR is as follows: C: ≤0.22; Silicon: ≤0.55; Manganese: ≤1.60; P: ≤0.025; S: ≤0.025. Its hardness range is 70-80B, and its yield strength is 300-400MPa. For the +20 degree impact test, it is required that the impact energy should not be less than 27 kilojoules.

RINA tested EN 10253-2 S355JR pipe fittings

RINA tested EN 10253-2 S355JR pipe fittings

Normalizing involves heating the workpiece to Ac3 (the temperature at which all free ferrite transforms to austenite during heating, usually between 727°C and 912°C) or Acm (the point at which eutectoid steels complete austenitization) temperature line) above 30-50℃, keep it warm for a period of time, then remove from the furnace and cool in air, water, spray or forced air.

Tempering refers to the process in which quenched or normalized steel is immersed in a medium below the critical temperature for a period of time, and then cooled at a certain speed.

Annealing is a heat treatment process for metals that involves heating the metal to a certain temperature, holding it for a sufficient time, and then cooling it at an appropriate rate (usually slow cooling, sometimes controlled cooling).

The versatility and reliability of the S355JR make it the first choice for structural applications in a variety of industries. With its impressive chemical composition and mechanical properties, it offers superior strength and durability, ensuring structural integrity and safety in diverse environments.

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