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Obtain customer trust, customers place orders

Obtain customer trust, customers place orders

The customer who asked for my inquiry because of the quality problems of the supplier before has confirmed the order this week. All details have been confirmed. The customer has sent me the Purchase Order, and WE are waiting for the customer to make payment and arrange production. 

In March, a customer who had quoted a price before but had never placed an order with us came to me again to make an inquiry.  But this time, the customer clearly stated that they had quality problems with the previous supplier, so they wanted to change the supplier.  The customer’s inquiry this time is about 100 seamless carbon steel pipe fittings with sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 24 inch.  After receiving the customer’s inquiry, I quickly sent the quotation to the customer.  After receiving the quotation, the customer asked for a lot of technical documents and successively added several projects.

Carbon steel pipe fittings

Carbon steel pipe fittings

After providing some documents provided to old customers and some professional answers about product quality, we finally won the trust of customers and sent the purchase order to us.  

We believe that the quality of our products will satisfy our customers.  We also believe that our professional level will win the trust of more customers.  If you also need carbon steel pipe fittings, please feel free to contact me.