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  • Business goals domestic industry first
Delivery of elbows ordered by Shandong customers

Delivery of elbows ordered by Shandong customers

Every morning, the warehouse of Haihao Group is busy. Almost every day, there are trucks coming to the warehouse to deliver goods. Today, a batch of elbows ordered by Shandong customers have been packed and will be loaded and shipped soon. This batch of products will be transported to the customer’s location in Shandong by truck, and other customized pipe fittings are still in production.


At 8:30 in the morning, trucks carrying goods arrived at the warehouse of Haihao one after another. The staff had packed the goods the day before. This batch of elbows will be shipped in wooden cases. Before packing, all products are covered with a layer of protective film. Two layers of packaging can effectively avoid damage of goods during transportation.


Haihao Group is a professional company engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of pipeline engineering supporting products, with more than 40 years of production and operation experience. Our flange, steel pipe, pipe fittings and other products have passed the market test and won the unanimous praise of customers at home and abroad. In addition, Haihao’s service is also very popular with customers. We attach importance to service details. From production to delivery, there is a special team be responsible for it. Please feel free to cooperate.