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Haihao Group’s pipe fittings in a power plant project in Germany

Haihao Group’s pipe fittings in a power plant project in Germany

Haihao Group, a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium pipe fittings, has successfully provided innovative solutions to diverse industries around the world. In this promotional article, we present a real-life case study highlighting the application of our pipe fittings in a power plant project in Germany. Let’s explore how Haihao Group’s products played a crucial role in enhancing the project’s efficiency and reliability.

In the heart of Germany, a prominent power generation company undertook the expansion of their combined cycle power plant to meet the escalating energy demands of the region. The project necessitated the incorporation of high-performance pipe fittings that complied with European standards.

EN1092-1 ASTM A105N Forged Weld Neck Flanges

EN1092-1 ASTM A105N Forged Weld Neck Flanges

Recognized for our exceptional product range and commitment to quality, Haihao Group was entrusted to provide a comprehensive selection of pipe fittings for the power plant project. Our expertise in meeting European standards and dedication to delivering excellence made us the ideal partner for this critical endeavor.

Product Specifications:


Implementation Standard: EN 1092-1

Material: ASTM A105N

Size: 24 inches, 300# rating


Implementation Standard: EN 10253-2

Material: Carbon Steel

Size: 10 inches, 90-degree bend


Implementation Standard: EN 10253-4

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 8 inches, equal tee

Haihao Group’s pipe fittings played a pivotal role in the successful completion of the power plant expansion project in Germany. By supplying top-quality flanges, elbows, tees, and reducers that adhered to European standards, we ensured the seamless operation and efficiency of the power generation facility.

Our commitment to providing superior products, exceptional customer service, and on-time deliveries has positioned us as a trusted partner for industrial projects worldwide. Whether it’s power generation, oil and gas, petrochemicals, or any other sector, Haihao Group remains dedicated to delivering premium pipe fittings that meet the most stringent requirements.

Contact Haihao Group today to explore our extensive range of pipe fittings and experience our unwavering commitment to excellence. Let us be your reliable partner in driving efficiency and success in your projects, regardless of location or complexity.