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Haihao Group insights into the pulse of the metal markets

Haihao Group insights into the pulse of the metal markets

As a leading expert in the field of pipeline systems, Haihao Group remains vigilant in monitoring the dynamic shifts within the raw material market. We are committed to keeping you abreast of the latest developments in non-ferrous metal prices. According to the most recent data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on November 14th, the first half of November witnessed an overall surge in non-ferrous metal prices when compared to the latter half of October. The specific price changes are detailed below:



Copper Cathode: Priced at 67,816.3 RMB per ton, reflecting an increase of 832.0 RMB per ton or a 1.2% rise from the previous period.

Aluminum Ingot: Showing a notable uptick, prices reached 19,160.0 RMB per ton, marking a 151.4 RMB per ton increase or a solid 0.8% growth.

Lead Ingot: With a price tag of 16,428.1 RMB per ton, there was a moderate rise of 96.0 RMB per ton, equivalent to a 0.6% increase.

Zinc Ingot: Priced at 21,570.0 RMB per ton, the market experienced a robust surge of 327.1 RMB per ton or a notable 1.5% increase.

These fluctuations underscore the dynamic nature of the metal markets. Haihao Group remains dedicated to providing our clients with timely and accurate information to empower informed decision-making. Stay tuned with Haihao Group for ongoing updates on market trends and price movements in the ever-evolving landscape of non-ferrous metals.