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Haihao Group congratulates CPECC on winning Major EPCC project in Turkmenistan

Haihao Group congratulates CPECC on winning Major EPCC project in Turkmenistan

Haihao Group extends heartfelt congratulations to China petroleum engineering & construction corporation (CPECC) for successfully securing the EPCC project in the bagderay contract Area B-central gas field in Turkmenistan, awarded by China national petroleum corporation (CNPC) amu darya Gas Company.

Following the successful completion of the west gas field project in area B, CPECC has once again emerged victorious in winning another significant EPCC (Engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning) project on the right bank of the amu darya river.



The project, situated in the central part of area B in the bagderay contract area on the right bank of the amu darya river, encompasses various tasks, including the construction of new boosting facilities (comprising natural gas separation, compression, air cooling, and hydrocarbon liquid collection), retrofitting the gas gathering unit in the second gas processing plant, refurbishing the kilsang gas gathering station, and associated public and support works. The mechanical completion of the project is scheduled in two phases, with an expected completion date in June 2027.

The bagderay contract area serves as a crucial gas source for transporting natural gas through the central asian pipeline, holding significant economic value and societal importance in ensuring stable natural gas production. This project, aligned with the plan developed by amu darya gas company based on the pressure drop trend of natural gas in area B on the right bank of the amu darya river, aims to achieve the goals of warmth and supply through boosting the central gas field in area B.

This successful bid further validates CPECC Turkmenistan’s commitment to a customer-centric approach and creating higher value for clients over the years. As of november 17, the turkmenistan branch has completed the construction tasks for 7 out of 10 independently operated wells planned for this year, resulting in a cumulative daily increase in natural gas production exceeding one million standard cubic meters.

Haihao Group, as a strategic reserve supplier for China national petroleum corporation, celebrates the overseas achievements of CNPC and actively prepares for potential future collaborations.