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Technical specification of spectacle blind flange

Technical specification of spectacle blind flange

There are three types of spectacle flange:the spectacle blind flange,spade flange,spacer flange.The spectacle flange could cut from a plate directly,or produced by forging method.There are the technical specification of spectacle blind flange:

Spectacle Blind Flange In Haihao Group


The main material of spectacle flange are:

Carbon steel: ASTM A105,etc

Low temperature carbon steel: A516 Gr.60, Gr.65 , Gr.70 etc.

Stainless steel: A213 Gr.SS316L,SS304L,SS321,etc.

Spectacle Blind Flange Drawing


Haihao flange factory manufactures the spectacle flanges according to standard ASME/ANSI B16.48,MSS-SP-6.

Spade Spectacle Blind Flange

Sealing face:

The spectacle flange are used together with flanges,so it has a surface requirement.Our spectacle blind flanges are available with raised face(RF),flat face(FF),or RTJ faces as per requirement.

HH 10inch 900LBS SS316 Spectacle Blind Flange


The spectacle flanges always have a handle.Spacer and spade’s handle is for easy control,spectacle blind flange handle is to control and connect the two parts.

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