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China’s first smart factory for offshore oil and gas equipment manufacturing

China’s first smart factory for offshore oil and gas equipment manufacturing

China Offshore Oil & Gas Smart Manufacturing “Intelligent Factory”, the nation’s first of its kind, commenced its Phase 2 project in the Tianjin Binhai New Area on July 25th. This milestone marks another significant leap in China’s digital transformation of offshore oil and gas equipment manufacturing.

Since its official launch in 2022, the China Offshore Oil & Gas Smart Manufacturing Base in Tianjin has completed over ten crucial marine oil and gas equipment structures, with a total steel processing volume exceeding 46,000 tons. With seven structures scheduled to be completed and assembled within a month, the facility is currently experiencing its peak construction phase since its inception. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital systems and intelligent production lines, the base has witnessed a 25% increase in overall production line efficiency and approximately 30% improvement in assembly efficiency compared to traditional manufacturing methods, ensuring efficient and high-quality deliveries.The Phase 2 expansion adds approximately 18,800 square meters of new construction, with a primary focus on the establishment of an intelligent production line for structural pipelines, capable of processing 22,000 tons annually. This new production line will achieve automation and intelligence in both production and quality inspection processes. With the completion of Phase 2, the facility will consist of four intelligent production centers: segmented production lines, process pipeline production lines, structural pipeline production lines, and an automated three-dimensional warehouse. Furthermore, the new assembly stations, docks, and shipping channels will enhance the overall assembly capacity and vessel berthing support, contributing to a doubling of production capacity.

China's first smart factory for offshore oil and gas equipment

China’s first smart factory for offshore oil and gas equipment

Situated in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, adjacent to Tianjin, Haihao Group serves as a strategic supplier to China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). In recent years, Haihao Group has engaged in numerous projects with CNOOC, supplying a wide range of pipeline products, including flanges, elbows, tees, and other piping system components. These products are increasingly utilized in offshore petroleum pipelines and various ship pipeline systems. In the future, Haihao Group looks forward to expanding its collaboration with CNOOC, providing more of our high-quality products for offshore oil projects.

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A234 WPB carbon steel elbows

A234 WPB carbon steel elbows