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A105 DN100 ANSI 300 RF SO Flange

A105 DN100 ANSI 300 RF SO Flange

  • Introduction:Haihao Group manufacture steel pipes,
  • pipe fittings and flanges products with high quality.
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Haihao Group manufacture steel pipes,pipe fittings and flanges products are widely used in industry field,like Oil,Gas&Petrochemical,Energy&Power Plant,Chemical Industrial,Shipbuilding&Offshore Development.Haihao Group can produce all types flanges,such as slip on flange(SO),blind flange,weld neck flange,threaded flange,socket weld flange,lap joint flange,orifice flange,specific flange and so on.

There are the specifications of Haihao slip on flange:

A105 DN100 ANSI Class300 Raised Face Slip On Flange

The size of slip on flange: 1/2″-96″,DN15-DN4800

The face of flange proudcts:

America Series:Flat face(FF),Raised face(RF),Tongue(T),Groove(G),Female(F),Male(M),Ring type joints face(RJ/RTJ)

Europe Series:Type A(Flat Face),Type B(Raised Face),Type C(Tongue),Type D(Groove),Type E(Spigot),Type F(Recess),Type G(O-Ring Spigot),Type H(O-Ring Groove)

The standard of slip on flange: ANSI/ASME B16.5,BS 4504,EN 1092,JIS B2220.

For any flanges needs you may have,please browse through our products list,then feel free to contact us.We always reply within 24 hours.We sincerely welcome customers domestic and abroad to visit us for cooperation.