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What’s butt welding mean?

What’s butt welding mean?

Butt welding is a kind of welding joint. In the process of butt welding, the two parts of the material are arranged in parallel along a straight line.Butt welding joints could be done by a large machine continuously or a portable welding machine operated by a welder.Butt welded joint is an economical and reliable method for connecting materials without any additional components.

butt welding plate and pipe

Butt welding process can be used for metal and plastic. When two steel plates/sheets are placed side by side and welded together along the line, this is a typical example of a butt welding joint.

plate with v groove for butt welding

If the thickness of the material is thin,the square and plain edge of material is ok for butt welding joint.If the welding material thicker, the edge should be beveled to form a single V groove or double V groove,the double V groove is used for the thickest thickness,it means that the material is beveled on both side.And the filler will be placed and Welding on both side.The double V butt welding is commonly used for the very thicker and large objects.

butt welding end groove for different thickness

In Hebei Haihao, a lot of butt welding joints in our products.1.Our main pipe fittings products are butt welding pipe fittings products,their ends are plain end or bevel end for butt welding connection. 2.Large size pipe fittings products are produced from steel plate,they are welded in body,not seamless.Those pipe fittings are produced in butt welding method. 3.The weld neck flange,when a weld neck flange is welded to the pipes, the welding joint is butt welding. 4.Piping prefabrication,for such fabrication products, when we design it, we perfer to use joints of butt welding method.Because butt welding joints is very strong and secure for materials.

pipe bevel end for butt welding