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What is ASTM A234 WP11 pipe fitting?

What is ASTM A234 WP11 pipe fitting?

ASTM A234 WP11 pipe fitting mean the pipe fitting which material is ASTM A234 WP11,they are used for the pressure piping systems of moderate and high temperature services.ASTM A234 is the standard of butt welding pipe fittings material,it indicates the materials properties of different kinds of carbon steel and alloy steel,WP11 is one of the steel grade in this standard.

Type of the ASTM A234 WP11 steel pipe fitting:

The regular products of ASTM A234 WP11 pipe fittings are elbows,tees,reducers,caps,cross,bends,laterals etc.There are seamless and welded A234 WP11 pipe fittings,the seamless A234 WP11 pipe fittings means the fittings are made from the seamless steel pipes,welded WP11 pipe fitting means it is made from welded pipes and steel plates.

ASTM A234 WP11 Pipe Fitting

Chemical Composition (%) of ASTM A234 WP11:

 Grade  C  Mn  P  S  Si  Cr  Mo
 WP11 Class1  0.05-0.15  0.3-0.6  ≤0.03 ≤0.03  0.5-1  1-1.5  0.44-0.65
 WP11 Class2  0.05-0.2  0.3-0.8  ≤0.04  ≤0.04  0.5-1  1-1.5  0.44-0.65
 WP11 Class3  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

Mechanical properties of ASTM A234 WP11:

 Item  Tensile Strength KSI(MPa)  Yield Strength KSI(MPa)
 WP11 Class1  60-85(415-585)  ≥30(205)
 WP11 Class2  70-95(485-655)  ≥40(275)
 WP11 Class3  75-100(520-690)  ≥45(310)

Manufacturing process of ASTM A234 WP11 steel pipe fitting:

The process of ASTM A234 WP11 pipe fitting manufacturing is called “wrought” which means it is casted or forged.Usually the ASTM A234 WP11 elbows,tees,reducers are made from steel pipes,the caps are made from plates.But the large sizes pipe fittings are commonly manufactured in pieces and welded together.
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