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The first type test – hydrostatic test

The first type test – hydrostatic test

After filling in the application form and submitting the information required for certification to the classification society, then the factory inspection, then the preparation of the type test. The type test is divided into hydrostatic test, low temperature impact test, flattening test, tensile test and chemical composition analysis,etc. This link, we need to do a lot of preparation, such as preparing test blocks.

Let’s start with the first type test, hydrostatic test.

Hydrostatic Test

Hydrostatic Test

The vessel shall be subjected to a hydrostatic pressure test at the operating position at ambient temperature for at least 15 minutes. Hydrostatic test shall be carried out in accordance with In accordance with ASME SEC.VIII DIV.I standards and the test pressure shall be at least 1.4 times the design pressure at 65℃.

Hydraulic tests were carried out outside the laboratory of the HEBEI HAIHAO GROUP. At ambient temperature, when the pressure reaches 10.6mpa (as shown in the figure), we wait for more than 15 minutes.The end result is no leakage, abnormal deformation and abnormal sound in the pipeline. The test is successful.