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piping fabrication products

piping fabrication products

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What is a piping fabrication products?

Piping fabrication is predesigned piping systems manufactured in factory or work shop for various applications. This reason determines the size and diameter of the pipes being used, the material that the piping system is to be constructed of, and the different accessories and components . Some times chemical treatments are used to the piping fabrication products, there are also various types of welding and different sealed joint. The purpose is to create a system that will properly suit the client’s intended use for the piping system being made. It is an early stage in industrial piping projects and is very important for the project finish . Pipe spool fabrication is a complex and uncertain process due to the specific requirement of the project.

What is the process of piping fabrication?

Before a piping project starting, the required products, such as pipes, elbows, tees, reducers,crosses,bends,flanges, spools and valves are colleted in the fabrication workshop as per the designing.

Once all the material required is available,pipes,commonly the main component of fabrications,should first be cut into suitable length of the size required by the designings. After this, the operators make the pipe end surface and bevel smooth by grinders if required. Then pipes are moved to fitting stations to be joined with other components,such as reducers,elbows,tees,bends, and flanges. The jointing way is welding commonly, welding is performed via two methods: Roll welding and position welding. In roll welding, the welder fixes one end of the pipe into a pipe turner and rotates.

The assemblies while welding them. Position welding is used when the pipes cannot be rotated by a turner or when components are not round in shape. Position welding is a difficult procedure, and takes longer to perform than roll welding. Assemblies may move between fitting and welding stations several times before roll welding is finished or the final spool is ready to be position welded. When spools are complete, they go through quality Control. Then, based on the drawing requirements, they may be hydrotested or undergo other processes such as surface treatment and painting.

piping fabrication products Haihao pipe fittting flange manufacturer


What is a piping pre-fabrication?

How to choose the site of piping fabrication ? The piping pre-fabrication means that the piping systems are finished or partial finished in the workshope . According to the project conditions, we can choose the workshop piping fabrication or on-site piping fabrication . A lot of factors determine whether it is suitable to fabricate piping systems in workshop: Type,size and range of the project, pipe dimensions and materials, coating treatment after fabrication, weather conditions, availability of qualified welder , time available to finish it, etc.

Advantages of on-site piping fabrication

The raw materials (pipes,pipe fittings,flanges, etc.) need to be shipped to the project location. This is much easier to handle and store than workshop. Because all the products are not manufactured in one workshop.

No need time to carefully crib, tie-down and chock pre-fabricated pieces for transport to the job site.

Reduced risk of damage to piping fabrication in the delivery.

More efficient opportunity to fab around unexpected obstacles (structural steel, duct, cable tray, etc.)

On-site fabrication reduces the rework risk assumed

Advantages of workshop piping fabrication

Weather is big problem for the fabrication on site. In the workshop the weather will not effect the fabrication. If on-site ,protection for the components will have to be provided.

When welding has to be done in conditions that are not environmentally controlled then pre-heating will be required . On site, it is difficult to handle.

In a new project site, to route piping through a lot of poorly located existing pipes,fittings, flanges and other equipment, on site fabrication of butt welding connection pipings is not as efficient and cost effective as workshop fabrication. Concerns about safety and efficiency when working in a facility while it is in operation in advance of a turnaround or to begin advance work on a plant expansion.

Generally speaking, threaded, socketweld, grooved, and other proprietary type joints that do not require buttwelding are field fabricated and installed. Buttwelding of small (bore), NPS 1.1/2 and less, are very often field fabricated and installed because of the added risk of damage during transport, in pre-fabricated form, from the shop to the site.

At haihao,with our 30 years piping experience ,excellent engineers and welders, we supplied various piping pre-fabrication products in our factory . As per your requirement , we can manufacture the products used in the specifica conditions. We can make the coating for the piping pre-fabrications accordingly ,such as 3LPE , FBE , PE , PP , EPOXY.