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Pipes and fittings ends in piping system joint

Pipes and fittings ends in piping system joint

There are mainly four types of the pipe ends: Plain end (PE), Beveled end (BE),Threaded end (TE), Grooved End.

Pipes and fittings may have different type of ends on both ends,for example,one end is Plain end and the other is Threaded end,or one end is socket weld and the other end is threaded,or one end is NPT thread and another is BSPT standard thread.


For easy understanding and recording, people use abbreviations for the pipe ends.In general, they are used to descripe the ends type of nipples,couplings,sockets,swages and other pipe fittings.

Following are the Abbreviations for different kinds of pipe ends:

Bevel End (BE) End of Pipe (EOP) Thread Large End (TLE)
Bevel Both Ends (BBE) Flange One End (FOE) Thread One End (TOE)
Bevel Large End (BLE) Plain End (PE) Thread Small End (TSE)
Bevel One End (BOE) Plain Both Ends (PBE) Threads Only (TO)
Bevel Small End (BSE) Plain One End (POE) Threads per Inch (TPI)
Bevel for Welding (BFW) Thread End (TE) Butt welding (BW)
Buttweld End (BE) Thread Both Ends (TBE) Socket welding (SW)

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