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Haihao Group is your reliable shale gas pipeline equipment partner

Haihao Group is your reliable shale gas pipeline equipment partner

In recent years, shale gas development in China has progressed rapidly. In early April, China Petrochemical Corporation announced the successful completion of the trial gas production from the first set of conventional pressure shale gas wells in Daozhen County, Guizhou Province. The Zhenye 1 well group, comprising three shale gas wells, achieved stable daily gas production ranging from 75,000 to 130,000 cubic meters, with an average of 109,000 cubic meters per day. This milestone represents a significant breakthrough in China Petrochemical Corporation’s exploration of conventional pressure shale gas outside the Sichuan Basin, providing favorable target areas and strategic replacement zones to ensure national energy security and optimize the energy structure.



As a leading expert in the field of pipeline systems, Haihao Group is delighted to witness the latest advancements in domestic shale gas development and actively prepares to participate in related projects. We specialize in the professional production of various pipeline system equipment and are fully capable of meeting the unique requirements of shale gas pipeline equipment.

Shale gas extraction often requires pipeline materials capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature conditions. Due to the typically high pressure of shale gas and the frequent need for techniques such as hydraulic fracturing to enhance gas flow, stronger pipeline materials such as high-strength steel or special alloy steel may be necessary. Additionally, shale gas pipelines may require larger diameters and thicker walls to minimize pressure loss and leakage risks over long horizontal well segments.

Corrosion protection and wear resistance are crucial for shale gas pipelines, as they may contain corrosive substances or solid particles. Therefore, pipeline equipment may need special anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coatings to prolong their service life.

Moreover, advanced monitoring and control systems are essential for shale gas extraction to ensure operational safety and efficiency. This may include real-time monitoring of gas flow, pressure, and temperature parameters, as well as measures to address any potential anomalies promptly.

Shale gas pipeline equipment may require higher strength, greater corrosion resistance, enhanced wear resistance, and advanced monitoring and control systems to meet the specific demands of shale gas extraction. With our expertise and capabilities, Haihao Group stands ready to provide tailored solutions for the evolving needs of the shale gas industry, contributing to the sustainable development of China’s energy sector.