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Seamless lateral tee and welded lateral tee

Seamless lateral tee and welded lateral tee

The butt welding lateral tee have a 45 degree branch pipe to the inflow pipe.When producing the lateral tee, commonly we cut a opening on a short pipe,and weld another short pipe with the first pipe on the opening.This is the most regular manufacturing process for a lateral tee.

Carbon steel welded lateral tee in package

The pipe tee could be seamless made from a steel pipe,but the lateral tee is difficult to produce by seamless because of the dissymmetrical shape.

So if a project need a seamless lateral tee,how to produce.In Hebei Haihao Group,we produce the seamless lateral tee by forging materials.First,we forge the steel billet,then we do machining on it to dig three tunnels of which one is inflow pipe and the other are outflow pipes.Then it is a forged seamless lateral tee(Socket welding & thread lateral tee production and specification).

The forged seamless lateral tee is specially for high pressure application in pipeline.Haihao Group is professional in all kinds of high pressure piping products like flanges,pipe fittings etc.Welcome to contact us for your high pressure pipeline.