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NDT application in steel pipe fittings manufacturing

NDT application in steel pipe fittings manufacturing

To improve manufacturing quality and product reliability,components and structures are regularly inspected for defects or faults which may reduce their structural integrity leading to failure. Among the material testing methods developed for inspection purposes, Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques present the advantages of leaving the components undamaged after inspection.

DIN 2605 Stainless Steel-90 Degree Elbow After NDT

Steel pipes,pipe fittings and flanges products are used in many industry fields,like oil,gas,power plant,refining etc.The products quality is very important. Except the quality inspection on raw materials and in the period of producing, the inspection on the finished products. To avoid destroy the finished products, Non-destructive testing (NDT) is popular and widely used in our products.

Carbon Steel RTJ Weld Neck Flange After NDT

After the NDT inspection, the products are not wasted, and the inspected products will be used in the projects and pipelines.On the contrary,the destructive-tested products are wasted and will not be used in the projects.That is why we use the NDT inspection a lot in our workshop.

Hebei Haihao put quality and reputation on the first position.We have experienced QC team and NDT equipments for the steel pipes, fittings and flanges, our quality checking department can carry out many types of NDT inspection on all kinds of piping products.