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Introducing P275NL1: The optimal material for low-temperature pressure vessels and boilers

Introducing P275NL1: The optimal material for low-temperature pressure vessels and boilers

At Haihao Group, we are dedicated to providing high-quality piping solutions for our clients. Among our extensive range of materials, P275NL1 stands out as a superior choice for pressure vessels and boilers, particularly in low-temperature environments. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes P275NL1 an exceptional material.

Chemical Composition

P275NL1 is characterized by a specific chemical composition that ensures its robustness and reliability:

Carbon (C): Less than 0.20%

Manganese (Mn): 1.10% – 1.70%

Silicon (Si): Below 0.40%

Sulfur (S): Below 0.025%

Phosphorus (P): Below 0.025%

Trace elements such as Chromium (Cr), Nickel (Ni), Molybdenum (Mo), Vanadium (V), and Copper (Cu) in small or minimal amounts

P275NL1 steel plates

P275NL1 steel plates

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of P275NL1 make it particularly suitable for demanding applications:

Yield Strength: Minimum of 275 MPa

Tensile Strength: 430 – 580 MPa

Elongation: Minimum of 22% at break

Key Features and Benefits

High Toughness: P275NL1 maintains excellent toughness even at low temperatures (-50°C). This property is crucial for ensuring safety and reliability in low-temperature applications.

Excellent Weldability: This material offers outstanding weldability, allowing for various welding processes without significantly compromising its performance. This is essential for constructing complex pressure vessels and boiler systems.

Fine-Grain Structure: As a fine-grain steel, P275NL1 has a uniform microstructure, enhancing its overall mechanical properties and durability.

Pressure Vessel Applications: Due to its superior mechanical properties and high toughness, P275NL1 is ideal for manufacturing pressure vessels and boilers that need to withstand high pressures and low temperatures.

Typical Applications

P275NL1 is widely used in several critical industries due to its robust features:

Pressure Vessels: Ideal for storing and transporting various gases and liquids.

Boiler Manufacturing: Used in power plants, petrochemical plants, and other facilities requiring reliable and durable boilers and heaters.

Oil and Gas Industry: Suitable for low-temperature storage tanks and pipelines.

Chemical Equipment: Essential for chemical reactors and storage tanks that require pressure resistance and low-temperature performance.


P275NL1 is a premium structural steel perfect for low-temperature environments, offering high toughness, excellent weldability, and a fine-grain structure. These characteristics make it an optimal choice for pressure vessels, boilers, and other applications requiring high-pressure and low-temperature resistance.

At Haihao Group, we are committed to providing our clients with top-notch materials like P275NL1 to ensure their projects’ safety and efficiency. If you need more information or application advice regarding P275NL1, our professional team is ready to assist you.

Choose Haihao Group for your next project and experience the difference in quality and reliability with P275NL1.