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Hebei Haihao technical department communicates with JOINTECH Pakistan

Hebei Haihao technical department communicates with JOINTECH Pakistan

JOINTECH is leading inspection ISO Certified organization operating in Karachi,Pakistan offering Services for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) & Lifting Equipment Inspection Services.(NDT application in steel pipe fittings manufacturing)

RF Flange Raised Facing Requirement

Engineers from Hebei Haihao communicated with inspectors of JOINTECH about the new oil & gas project in Iraq.The meeting is focus in how to inspect the flange facing of Raised Face flanges(RF flanges),including the testing tools and the standards of acceptance.

RF Flange Raised Face Flange

The flange facing is serration type which have pitch data,after negotiating based on flange standard ASME B16.5 and MSS SP-6 about the facing information,we get a suitable method to test the roughness of the facing.

Flange Roughness Testing Equipment

Finally we got an agreement about this:using the digital calliper to check the pitch depth and space first,then testing the accurate roughness by Portable Surface Roughness Tester SJ-201,a comparator gauge could be helpful in this testing.