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Defects that may occur when pipeline steel pipe is welded

Defects that may occur when pipeline steel pipe is welded

Attention should be paid to defects that may occur during pipeline steel pipe welding during production:


Bubbles mostly occur in the center of the weld, and hydrogen is still hidden in the form of bubbles inside the weld metal. The main reason is that the welding wire and flux have moisture on the surface, which is used directly without drying treatment. Moreover, the current is small in the welding process, the welding speed is too fast, and the accelerated solidification of metal will also appear this situation.

2.Biting edge

Edge biting is v-shaped grooves at the edge of the weld along the center line of the weld, mainly caused by improper welding speed, current, voltage and other conditions, among which too high welding speed is more likely to cause edge biting defects than inappropriate current.

API 5L X60 Steel Pipes

API 5L X60 Steel Pipes

3.Thermal crack

The cause of the hot crack is when the weld stress is very high, or when the SI silicon element in the weld metal is very high, and there is a sulfur crack, the billet is the plate with strong sulfur segregation (belonging to soft boiling steel), in the welding process, the sulfide into the weld metal and the crack.

4.Insufficient penetration of welding

Internal and external weld metal overlap is not enough, sometimes may not be fully welded. At this point, we can use no inspection to detect whether the above problems will occur during pipeline welding.The picture shows the qualified pipeline steel pipe produced and processed by our factory.

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